We exist to help you to make a positive impact for your customers, employees, stakeholders and community.

This includes helping you discover and develop your company culture, building a Corporate Social Responsibility program, developing training and educational programs for your employees, creating or refreshing your brand identity, or by telling your story through a video, a new website, or a marketing campaign.

Meet the Team



Barbara Fanning
Chief Purveyor of Change


Sanders Anderson
Creative Director
Brian Banash
Illustrator & Designer
Chris Giles
Photographer & Videographer
Michelle Gutmann
Creative Director
David Lecours
Creative Director
Stephenie Presseller
Stephenie Presseller
Sustainability Consultant
AJ Cabrera
Web Design & SEO

How it Works

Consider us your virtual “get things done” team. Mindswing is a concept created and managed by Barbara Fanning, our Chief Purveyor of Change.

Our team is made up of experts in strategy, communications, marketing and sustainability. Our structure is a collaborative one, which allows us to bring in the very best for your project.

Depending on your needs, Barbara works with you to develop a strategy and plan. She then hand selects the team that will be working on your project and oversees the process from start to finish.  If you have a preferred vendor, we can work with them too.

Our Credo

  • We believe anything is possible.

  • We are passionate about our work, know what it takes to get the job done and provide results.

  • We believe education can change the world.

  • You won’t win any games of BS bingo hanging with us. We do our best to keep it real. Instead of trying to impress you with big fancy buzzwords, we are going to have a real conversation with you and get to know you.

  • We have had the honor to work with many amazing individuals and companies and are truly grateful.

  • If you are looking for help to green wash something, you’ve come to the wrong place (but thanks for visiting).

  • We believe truthful, honest, and open communication is the only way.

  • We lead with our values.

  • We do our best to minimize our environmental footprint and to make the world a better place. We do this by volunteering our time with local non-profits, donating to causes that we believe in, and using sustainable practices in our office and personal lives and helping our clients to do the same.

  • We want to work with companies that share similar beliefs. Companies that lead with their values, believe in the triple bottom line with a side of awesome sauce mixed in, and know that doing good for the environment and for others is not only good for the world, but is good for business.