The City of Durango wanted to highlight the environmental, community and educational features of its new library.

They were looking for something that would educate the residents about the new library, the special features of the space, and how it came to be a LEED building. They also wanted to encourage the community to see this as more than a library, but as a gathering place for community events, connecting with friends and neighbors, and a place to learn.



We worked the library director to determine the most appropriate and cost effective solutions. It was decided to create a booklet, an informational and educational website, and a single-page technical and design reference guide.


Copywriting and Messaging
Web Development



Barefoot E Biz
Be True Design
Chris Giles Images
Brian Banash


We wanted to highlight the beautiful architecture, views, and the technical and community elements of Durango’s new library.


Content and Messaging

It was important to tell the story of how the library moved from an outdated, dark, and tight space to become a beautiful LEED Gold Certified building sitting high above the Animas River. It was also important to emphasize that this was more than a library, but a gathering place for the community.

We wrote the copy for all materials and developed a tagline for the new space.


Community | Education | Environment


Book & Reference Guide

Tapping into the design expertise of BeTrue Design and the illustration talents of Brian Banash we were able to create an attractive and informational set of print materials to highlight the design and sustainability elements of the space. Illustrations were used to explain sustainability concepts in a user-friendly way.



Joining efforts with Barefoot eBiz we built an informational website highlighting the features of the space. We opted for a website to reduce costs with printing and to allow residents as well as non-residents to learn about the first LEED Gold Library in Southwestern Colorado. 


Durango Public Library Sustainability Website