As a start-up, Mindswing was hired as Everyday Energy’s “Virtual” Marketing Department and worked with them in that role until they were able to hire an internal marketing team. Today, we provide marketing consulting and social media support.


We worked closely with the executive, sales, and operations team to develop a series of marketing strategies and solutions. This work resulted in a new integrated look, increased brand awareness, and recognition by the Obama administration for bringing solar energy and workforce training to affordable housing communities.


Website Development
Video and
Instructional Design
Content & Messaging



Barefoot E Biz
Lecours Design
Chris Giles Images
Sierra Coast Design
Hands-On Solar

New Brand Identity

Everyday Energy was in need of a new look and brand identity. To assist in this endeavor, we partnered with Lecours Design to develop a new identity to be used in both their online and offline marketing and promotions. The first in the series included a 7-card media kit.

The new identity included strong bold, bright colors as a way to add excitement to the brand and to break away from the traditional colors used in the solar or construction industries. As a new company that prides itself on being unique, this was a bold strategy. The identity also used math and chemistry modeled formulas to emphasize key functions and values of the organization.



Working closely with Lecours Design and Barefoot E-Biz, the new Everyday Energy brand identity came to life on their website, email marketing, and in social media.



In collaboration with Chris Giles Images, we created a series of video profiles. The videos focused on company values and purpose, training efforts and new solar technologies (VNM).

View more content on YouTube.

Instructional Design and Training

Working with solar installation training expert, Brian Hurd of Hands On Solar, we developed 3-day and 2-day training courses on the basics of solar installation for affordable housing residents and returning veterans interested in seeking employment in the solar energy industry.


This program has been recognized by the Obama administration for providing workforce training to affordable housing communities and became a model and inspiration for the California Public Utilities Commission to now require some level of resident training when projects receive state solar incentives.


Workshops include classroom instruction, safety training, and hands-on installation work.


Social Media

Serving as the voice for Everyday Energy on social media we develop a range of content.


As part of a giving back program for the American Lung Association in California, San Diego office, we created a series of video shorts focused on highlighting Everyday Energy’s donation. This media campaign included photo, text, and video updates on the project’s progress including a time lapse video of the installation.